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What are the chances that my ticket will be dismissed with a Trial by Written Declaration?
On average we have 80% dismissal rate.

If my ticket is not dismissed do I get the fee that I paid you back?
YES, we have a 100% money back Guarantee. Please see "Our Guarantee" page for all details.

What makes you better than your competitors?
We are a registered and bonded company. We have an excellent track record. Over the years we have helped thousands of people successfully contest their traffic tickets.

How long would it take for your company to prepare my Trial by Written Declaration documents?
Generally, we will email your completed court forms and your defense statement to you within 10 days. For a minor fee, we offer RUSH services if you need to expedite your case. You can select the RUSH option when you sign up online.

After you send me the final documents, what happens if I want to make changes?
You will be able to make changes on your own or if you desire we will make the changes for you. As long as the changes you want are not extensive and continuous we will make the changes free of charge. If your changes are extensive then we will charge you an additional $29 to make the changes for you.

After I receive the completed documents from you what do I need to do?
It is very simple, Just print, review, sign and mail the documents to the court prior to the due date.

Do I have to post the bail for the Trial by Written Declaration?
Yes, the courts in California require for the bail to be posted.

Can I use a credit card to post the bail amount?
If you use a credit card to post the bail online, the court may assume you are paying the fine and closing your case. Please check with the court clerk for your specific court location to see if you may choose to post the bail for the trial by written declaration.

Can I use a personal check to post the bail?

If I win the case, will I get the bail amount back from the court?
Yes, most courts will issue you a refund check within 30 days after the notice of decision.

How do I find out what my bail amount is?
Usually the court will send you a courtesy notice which will show the bail amount. If you do not get the courtesy notice then contact the court clerk at the court address on the citation.

Can I mail the Trail by Declaration documents to the court?
Yes, we recommend using registered or certified mail. If your case is due shortly, you may use overnight delivery mail to make sure the court will get your documents by the due date.

How long does the court take to mail out the verdict to me?
In most cases it will take 30 to 90 days. However, sometimes it may take as long a 4 or 5 months depending on the court backlog.

If I am found guilty can I ask the court to take traffic school?
Yes, as long as you meet the minimum requirements to attend traffic school you can ask the court for traffic school.


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